A Winners Book and other printed pieces for ADDY44.

I was honored to serve as a Co-Chair for the American Advertising Federation Tulsa Chapter's 44th Annual ADDY Awards Banquet. I served primarily as their graphic designer, creating an event logo, a Winners Book, the certificate for "Citation of Excellence" Awards (generally known as Silver ADDYs), and a few other odds and ends. The event went very well, and I was very excited to participate.

AAF-T is preparing to host the 2013 District Convention and as such, is trying to "show off" all things Tulsa all the time. In support of that effort, I decided to shoot a series of photos of major local landmarks with the assistance of good friend Evan Mackay. In order to make the photos feel more consistent and take a backseat to the outstanding creative work the book is intended to display, I duotoned them with black and simulated reflex blue.

I was thrilled to have received two Student ADDY awards, one for the Club 209 Website and the 2010 NSAC Cool Old Guy Plansbook. The Ad Program at TU won several additional awards for both NSAC and the 2010 CUSA Basketball Tournament. Additionally, I was ecstatic to be present when Walsh Branding won not only an ADDY Award but a Best in Show for Print award for their work on the 2009 Annual Report for the Boy Scouts of America Indian Nations Council. I am currently an intern with Walsh Associates, working under Walsh:Barnes Interactive, and was very glad to be present when my friends there were called to the stage.

As always, I am very grateful for the support and the opportunities that AAF-Tulsa has given me over the past two years.

Logo, Winner Book, and Award Citations for AAF-Tulsa's ADDY44

Design Applications: InDesign CS5, Photoshop CS5, Illustrator CS5

Typefaces: Fedra Sans Std. Logo uses a Helvetica Medium "a" with Bodoni Poster Compressed "XLIV"

Download a Screen-Resolution PDF of the Winners Book